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E-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), a government authority to mandate the implementation and administration of VAT in Saudi Arabia, has enforced E-Invoicing Regulations through an approved framework in December. It is mandatory for all texable businesses (suppliers and service providers) to replace paper-based invoices with structured e-invoices with required tax information.

With the aim of increasing promoting business eco-system through transprency and enriched customer experience, e-invoicing framework has to be realized in two phases. In the Generation phase, all invoices must be generated and archived electronically in a specified format by 04 December 2021. Starting from the 1st of January 2023, the Integration phase focuses integrating e-invoicing solution to ZATCA's system following the pre-defined technical procedures and security protocols.


ZATCA Regulations for E-Invoicing

All taxable businesses are required to generate E-Invoices in compliance with ZATCA regulations. An E-invoicing solution must fulfill the following technical requirements:

  • An online system for generating e-invoices with transactional data and special key fields (UUID, Cryptographic stamp with identifier, and QR Code) to regulated data exchange with state-of-the-art security standards.
  • Data authenticity and integrity must be guaranteed for all electronic invoices, debit, and credit notes.
  • A compliant solution must not include text editing tools, spreadsheets, or any other bookkeeping/archiving software.
  • Integration with ZATCA E-Invoicing portal through recommended Application Programmable Interface (API) must be supported.

ZATCA Simplified E-Invoicing Process Flow

  • Texable suppliers and service providers generate invoices through e-invoicing solutions.
  • Customers can get pre-defined transaction data and supplier/services provider's VAT information by scanning the QR code.
  • Supplier/service provider stores (electronically) and shares e-invoices with ZATCA e-invoicing portal.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

ZATCA aims to achieve the following benefits through E-Invoicing Regulations:

  • Unified business auditing for fair competition promotion and consumer right protection.
  • Transparent, error free, and secure transactional data exchange.
  • Digital transformation of consumer-supplier relationship with reduces operational costs.
  • Encouragement of businesses to comply tax requirements with efficient management system.

Takhmeen - A ZATCA Compliant ready to use solution for automobile workshops

Takhmeen is developed with start-of-the-art technologies to generate and manage simplified e-invoices for automobile workshops.

  • Takhmeen is a cloud based solution specifically designed for automobile workshops by understand their requiresments and business processess.
  • Much more cost-effective than other existing solutions
  • Takhmeen promotes error-free data entry to save time by providing lists of common components and service.
  • It offers efficient data validation and transmision by generatin ZATCA-complaint XML files for each e-invoice.
  • Each e-invoice is generated with unique identifier and QR code with transactional data in both Arabic and Enlgish langauge.
  • Takhmeen ensures data integrity, as recommended by ZATCA, with latest security standards and access control managment.
  • Our team is constantly working on updating and adding new features to Takhmeen according to ZATCA rule and regulations, so our customers do not need to worry about compliance requirements.
  • 24/7 helpline is available for technical issues, guidance, and personalized training as and when required.